Our team of experienced mixed use Strata experts are here to help with all your Strata Scheme needs.

When businesses operate as part of a residential complex it can be complicated.

Particularly noise, odours, rubbish disposal, parking and ensuring all parties adhere to the scheme by-laws.

Our team have extensive experience operating multiple budgets within a strata scheme to accommodate residential and commercial requirements.

Effective communication and experienced Strata Management creates harmonious coexistence between businesses and residents. The Strata Town team have experience managing some of the largest mixed-use complexes in WA.



Dedicated Strata Manager and Assistant for each scheme with experience inMixed Use Strata Schemes

Relationships with Building Insurance brokers, with no commissions ever added above the base premium

Town Square management portal to allow for easy access to information on the go

On site AGM facilities as well as high end technology to offer high quality video AGM capabilities

After hours emergency line to ensure critical issues are resolved quickly

Separate bank accounts for each Strata Scheme