Switching to Strata Town is easy. Here are some important things to know if you’re unsure.


The world of Strata Management can be complicated, but our team of experienced Managers and Assistants are here to make things easy.

Understanding your existing agreement with your Strata Manager is important and enables you to seamlessly transition from your current Strata Manager across to Strata Town.

If you don’t have a copy of your existing Management Agreement, you’ll need to obtain a copy from your current Strata Manager. You’re legally entitled to have a copy so this shouldn’t be a problem.


Your Management Agreement is a legally binding contract between your Strata Company, (signed by authorised Council members) and your Strata Management company.

Your contract will contain a start and end date, together with the termination notice period. The notice period can vary from 30 to 90 days depending on the provider. Understanding the termination requirements is important, as misunderstandings can lead to an extension of the contract.

Your Council is responsible for appointing your Strata Management company. It isn’t possible for a non-Council member to directly facilitate a change in management, so if you’re unhappy with your current Strata Manager but want to switch, you’ll need to be elected to the Council at the next AGM or contact your Council to address any concerns.

Breaking a contract is difficult, but not impossible. Contracts normally contain a break clause, but it’s likely your Strata Company will have to pay out any remaining time on the agreement, which can be a significant amount. The alternative is to pursue termination through the State Administrative Tribunal. To understand more about your Strata Management contract, Landgate has a useful FAQ page, click here for more information.


Strata levies are determined by your Council once they have set an annual budget. Levies are ordinarily inclusive of our management fee, insurance for common property, maintenance of common property and reserve funds for longer term capital works.


We handle the management of your Strata Company’s administrative and financial affairs. This includes insurance renewals and claims management.

Our expert team will ensure compliance in relation to the Strata Titles Act.

At Strata Town, we will assist with facilitating meetings & provide effective communication to owners and the council.

We will also co-ordinate maintenance and repairs as required.